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1 the organic process of bearing flowers; "you will stop all bloom if you let the flowers go to seed" [syn: blooming]
2 reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts [syn: flower, blossom]
3 the best time of youth [syn: bloom of youth, salad days]
4 a rosy color (especially in the cheeks) taken as a sign of good health [syn: blush, flush, rosiness]
5 the period of greatest prosperity or productivity [syn: flower, prime, peak, heyday, blossom, efflorescence, flush]
6 a powdery deposit on a surface [syn: efflorescence] v : produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed" [syn: blossom, flower]

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Etymology 1

via from blóm


  1. A blossom; the flower of a plant; an expanded bud.
  2. Flowers, collectively.
  3. The opening of flowers in general; the state of blossoming or of having the flowers open.
    The cherry trees are in bloom.
  4. A state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor/vigour; an opening to higher perfection, analogous to that of buds into blossoms.
    the bloom of youth
  5. The delicate, powdery coating upon certain growing or newly-gathered fruits or leaves, as on grapes, plums, etc.
  6. Anything giving an appearance of attractive freshness.
  7. The clouded appearance which varnish sometimes takes upon the surface of a picture.
  8. A yellowish deposit or powdery coating which appears on well-tanned leather. (Knight.)
  9. A popular term for a bright-hued variety of some minerals.
    the rose-red cobalt bloom
  10. A white area of cocoa butter that forms on the surface of chocolate when warmed and cooled.
Derived terms
blossom See blossom
flowers, collectively See flower
the state of blossoming
state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor
delicate, powdery coating upon certain growing or newly-gathered fruits or leaves
anything giving an appearance of attractive freshness
the clouded appearance which varnish sometimes takes upon the surface of a picture
yellowish deposit or powdery coating which appears on well-tanned leather
mineralogy: a popular term for a bright-hued variety of some minerals

Etymology 2

From bloom


  1. To cause to blossom; to make flourish.
  2. To bestow a bloom upon; to make blooming or radiant.
  3. Of a plant, to produce blooms; to open its blooms.
  4. intransitive figuratively Of a person, business, etc, to flourish.
cause to bloom; make flourish
make blooming or radiant
open its blooms

Etymology 3

From blōma


  1. The spongy mass of metal formed in a furnace by the smelting process.
    • 1957, These metallic bodies gradually increasing in volume finally conglomerate into a larger mass, the bloom, which is extracted from the furnace with tongs. — H.R. Schubert, History of the British Iron and Steel Industry, p. 26.
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Extensive Definition

The term bloom usually refers to the general expression describing the aesthetic experience of one or more flowers on a flowering plant. Also used as a metaphor for young people at the peak of their beauty or health. See also Blossom.
However, it can also refer to the following:



  • Bloom is the name for an unconsolidated mass of iron metal, mixed with remains of slag and charcoal that is produced in the 'bloomery' process, i.e. the direct reduction of iron metal from terrestrial ores by smelting. The same term is used for a similar mass of iron metal produced in the finery process.
  • Bloom is also the name for a section of steel, with the dimensions of 630mm wide, 400mm high and 6m long. Compare with billet and slab.
  • Bloom filter is a probabilistic method to find a subset of a given set.
  • Charge-coupled device bloom is a property of CCD image sensors that causes charge from the potential well of one pixel to overflow into others.
  • Blooming (laser) is an effect of laser beams and particle beams in air. See Directed-energy weapon#Blooming
  • Bloom (test) is a test to measure the strength of a gel or gelatin.
  • Bloom (shader effect) is a graphics effect used in modern 3D computer games.
  • Bloom is also used to refer to the whitish covering which sometimes appears on improperly tempered chocolate.
  • Bloom is used to refer to the glaucous, bluish appearance of plant surfaces covered with epicuticular wax
  • Bloom is a term used by meat cutters to describe the effect of opening old brownish packages of hamburger meat, the brownish meat "blooms" when exposed to air and turns red again.


  • A bloom can be a large swarm (or "smack") of jellyfish.
  • The phenomenon of algal bloom.
  • Bloom on fruit such as plums or grapes is a white or bluish covering. Once thought to be wild yeast cells, it is now known to be waxy coverings to the epidermal cells of the fruit, presumably intended to provide some protection from environmental damage.

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  • Bloom Public School is a K-12 school located in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India.
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Hygeia, advance, anthesis, attain majority, attractiveness, bake, batten, be in bloom, be in flower, be in heat, beam, bear fruit, beauteousness, beautifulness, beauty, beauty unadorned, beggar description, black spot, blaze, blooming, blooping, blossom, blossoming, blow, blowing, blush, blushing, boil, boom, bring to maturity, broil, budtime, burgeon, burn, burst into bloom, burst with health, charm, choke, coloring, combust, come of age, come to fruition, come to maturity, cook, crimsoning, definition, develop, early years, effloresce, efflorescence, elegance, emotional health, enjoy good health, evolute, evolve, exquisiteness, fatten, feel fine, feel good, fieriness, fitness, flame, flame up, flare, flare up, fledge, flicker, floreate, florescence, floret, floriculture, floscule, flourish, flower, flowerage, floweret, flowering, flowering time, flush, flushing, fringe area, fry, full bloom, gardening, gasp, ghost, glow, grace, granulation, grid, grow, grow fat, grow up, handsomeness, hard shadow, health, hectic, hectic flush, horticulture, hortorium, image, incandesce, incandescence, jeunesse, juvenescence, juvenility, keep fit, knock dead, leave the nest, loveliness, mantling, maturate, mature, mellow, mental health, multiple image, my burning youth, my green age, never feel better, noise, pant, parch, physical condition, physical fitness, picture, picture noise, picture shifts, posy, prettiness, prime of life, progress, pulchritude, radiate heat, rain, reach its season, reach manhood, reach maturity, reach twenty-one, reach voting age, reddening, redness, ripe, ripen, roast, rolling, rosiness, rubefacient, rubescence, rufescence, salad days, scald, scanning pattern, scintillation, scorch, season, seedtime of life, seethe, settle down, shading, shimmer with heat, shine, simmer, smolder, smother, snow, snowstorm, spark, springtime of life, stay in shape, stay young, steam, stew, stifle, suffocate, sweat, swelter, temper, tender age, tenderness, the beautiful, thrive, toast, toga virilis, unfolding, unfoldment, wax, wear well, well-being, whiteness, wildflower, young blood, youngness, youth, youthfulness, youthhead, youthhood, youthiness
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